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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stasis HUD Version 1.6 - Update Notes

Stasis HUD Version 1.6 -  Update Notes

The following is a list of changes and updates you will find in version 1.6 of the Stasis HUD.

1. Radar Toggle - User's will now have the ability to toggle the radar functions on or off.

2. Radar Vitality - All radar functions including lag meter, local time and compass will now remain functional in no script areas.

3. Script And Memory Usage - Avatar Info will now display either your own or another selected avatars script and memory usage.

4. Build Tools - User's will now be able to rez a multitude of building platform sizes that will auto align them selves onto a straight axis to enhance building.

5. Auto Shout - User's will now be able to toggle Auto Shouting on or off which will perform the same functions as a mic attachment directly from the HUD ( No additional attachments are needed ).

6. Dance System - We have added additional timings for support of a multitude of animations.

7. Stasis HUD Footprint - The total amount of scripts and memory usage has been consolidated and lowered to provide a smaller footprint on both the avatar wearing the HUD and the sim the avatar is on. The figures are listed below:

Stasis HUD V1.5: Scripts Counted: 83 [2816K] - ( PREVIOUS VERSION )

Stasis HUD V1.6: Scripts Counted: 75 [1488K] - ( NEW VERSION )

As you can see we have decreased the total memory usage by well over 1.3Mb total.

What does this mean for you? This means the Stasis HUD is now even more streamlined than before and will provide an even more seamless transition when teleporting and entering and exiting sims.

Currently use or know someone who uses a Mystitool or any other Multitool HUD that combines this many features into one easy to use interface? We challenge you to perform a script count and memory usage comparison and not only SEE the difference but EXPERIENCE the difference :)

Stasis HUD V1.6 Is now in the final development and finalization stage. This means that we have completed our final testing and beta testing phase of this update and are preparing it for full release.

Our tentative release date is September 1, 2011. We will post a final update list as well as announce when the update is released. As a Stasis HUD owner you receive lifetime updates at no cost which will be automatically sent to you when you log in when a new update is available.

Stasis HUD Developer
Xeph Brunsen

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stasis HUD - Tech Update 8/22/2011

We wanted to take a moment to update many of you on an issue that has come across our desk a few times within the last couple of months. It seems with many of the new viewer updates and changes along with the roll out of Phoenix's new Firestorm viewer have given the ability to reject certain functions such as LLMapDestination and to automatically revoke or reject animation requests and permissions. While most of these options are disabled by default some users have found them to be enabled without there knowledge. Please verify that any such options as these are disabled within your viewer in order to preserve full functionality of your Stasis HUD. If these options are enabled they can and will effect options such as Landmarks and TP History. Rejecting and/or Revoking permissions can disable options such as Quickpose and your Dance options which will result in script errors relating to the inability to Start or Stop Animations.

How we are happy that these options have been provided within many viewers now, we believe that the limited documentation for many of them do not thoroughly inform the user that they can and will effect any scripted attachments.

If for any reason you have any question as to whether any of these settings are on or exist within your viewer please contact the support department or related support services for your viewer.

If you have not received any errors or limited functionality then your settings are enabled and you should receive no issues regarding the above.

We will gladly assist in any way possible if you are receiving such errors that are caused by these viewer options however, please understand that although we test on a multitude of viewers our immediate knowledge of each and every setting and option can be quite limited.

Thank you as always,

Xeph Brunsen
Stasis HUD Developer

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stasis HUD v1.6 - Development Phase Announcement

Hey You !!!! That's Right .. You !!! The one staring at your chat window reading this !!!! Down here at Stasis Enterprises we have been hard at work planning for the next update for the Stasis HUD. Were proud to announce that Stasis HUD v1.6 has begun development and will introduce many new features as well as updates to the current HUD. Some of the new features will include the ability to check your own as well as any surrounding avatar's script counts and memory usage. You will also be able to scan for surrounding objects both scripted and non scripted to assist in locating them. Now keep in mind this is just a teaser about some of the new features. Full update notes and descriptions for v1.6 will be posted on The Stasis HUD update blog once they are available. So , I hope your all as excited as I am !!! The new Stasis HUD v1.6 will literally change your Second Life !!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stasis HUD Version 1.5 - Official Update Notes

Stasis HUD Version 1.5 - Official Update Notes

These are the notes regarding the newest update to the Stasis HUD.  (Version 1.5)

This is a very large update and contains many new features and changes to existing ones. Please take a few moments to read over this list and familiarize yourself with those new features and changes. This will help prevent and resolve any confusion and/or problems that may encounter.


Date Of Update Release: 3/9/2011

The following changes and/or features have been added:

Changes To Existing Features Or Operation:

1. Users can now toggle Flight Assist On or Off Via The HUD's Main Menu

2. A total of 17 Scripts have been optimized and combined. This allows for less memory usage on the simulator.

Stasis HUD Memory Usage =  2500K memory total.

Mystitool Memory Usage =  3024K memory total.

As you can see we use less memory which increases both HUD and Sim performance. We use special scripting methods and multiple communication scripts which decreases lag and increases overall performance.

You now get Twice the functionality and features of Mystitool with Less lag and Sim memory usage

3. New Menu system has been implemented decreasing memory usage and increasing ease of use. Some items have been moved within the Menu to place the most common features on the Main Menu page.

4. Stasis AO based upon the popular Zhao II Animation Override has been updated to the latest version.


5. Stasis AO now supports Typing Animations and provides an option to Sit On The Ground for viewers that do not provide an option. As well you will see an Option named "Typing" that will present the typing AO and Typing Animation Killer.

6. TP History will now store all visited locations and will no longer reset daily and clear it's list.


New Features:

1. Stasis HUD Dance Animator ( Dance Huddle ) has been fully implemented. It supports unlimited dances and up to 20 additional dancers other than yourself.


2. Avatar Online Status has been added and can be accessed via the HUD's AV Tools Menu Option

3. Un-Deform feature has been added in the AV Tools Menu to assist in Repairing your avatar in the case you are griefed and or deformed by another.

4. Quick Access Tab have been added which will allow you to change the Lower Button of the HUD to one of 4 selected options. This can be changed at anytime and as often as you wish. These options can be found under the Access Tab Menu.

5. Quick Pose has been added which will allow you to Pose for dressing , fitting attachments ect without rezzing a pose stand. This option can be found under The AV Tool Menu.


How to Update Your HUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Create a folder in your inventory named "Stasis HUD Items" Or Any Name You Choose.

2. Copy The Animations And "PrimaryAO" Notecard From Your AO Prim To That Folder.

3. Copy Your Landmarks and Objects from Main Contents Of The HUD into that folder.

4. Delete Any V1.4 HUD's You have ONLY after you have copied your items , Lm and such over the the folder in your inventory

5. Rezz the Stasis HUD v1.5 Box You received with this update and copy its contents to your inventory.

6. Rezz the Stasis HUD v1.5 You wish to use.

7. Copy Your Objects And LM's into the Main contents of the New HUD from the folder you copied them too.

8. Copy your Animations Into the AO Prim On The HUD Using Edit Linked Parts Just As You Did when setting it up.

9. Delete the PrimaryAO Card Currently In the HUD.

10. Copy the PrimaryAO notecard you have configured in your folder into the Stasis AO prim with the animations.

11. Take the HUD into your inventory and wear !!!!!!!!



We have many features and additions currently in development for the Stasis HUD which we will include in the next Feature update.

However before then I want to let you know about a very big change coming to SL which will affect both how scripts function and the performance of the Sims and Regions you visit daily.


If you create things in Second Life and they use scripts, this change will affect you. The Le Tigre Release Candidate is currently running what one might call the Mono2 Bridge. The Lab currently has it labeled as Mono2-Aware. This is the part that integrates legacy scripting and the coming new Mono2 Scripting engine on the server side of things. So, how will this change affect script writers and script users?

Mono2 Scripting Enroute

Complex scripts that use various work-arounds may have problems. They could fail. Simple scripts that rely on depreciated functions/commands will likely have problems too. Linden Lab is doing all it can to avoid problems. But, it is impossible to anticipate and know everything that everyone has written into a scrip. So, problems are likely.

We desperately need better scripting in Second Life. The demand for better scripting will greatly increase as mesh comes to the main grid. The ability to use mesh with its custom tailored ability to apply texture will bring professional modelers into SL. Yes, we’ve had and have professionals here now. But, a modeler from WoW or EVE or Uru Live can feel very handicapped when trying to build for Second Life. Mesh is going to remove that handicap and make modeling for professionals and hobbyists using Blender/3DSMax/Maya much more enjoyable. Mesh will release a new level of creativity in Second Life. And with that wave of creativity will come a demand for better scripting.

The problem is Mono2-Performance will not run on older servers. A Mono2 compiled script fails, if rezzed in a region running on an old server. So the Mono2 Aware code will be tested then rolled to the main grid. One can suppose Mono2 Aware will catch a Mono2 compiled script and force a recompile to Mono. So, this awareness will allow Mono2 Performance to be rolled out on release channels and tested. The Mono2 Aware on other servers will catch problems when a Mono2 script wonders out on the main grid.

One of the nice things about the change to Mono2 is that current Mono scripts will not have to be recompiled. When a Mono script is rezzed in a Mono2 region, it will rez as a Mono2 script. So, there will be no additional check boxes to control how scripts compile. Save the script in an old region and it compiles as Mono. Save in a Mono2 area and it compiles as Mono2. Easy.

Additionally, if you have running scripts in a region, when the server a region runs on is upgraded the restart will convert the scripts to Mono2. So, once Mono2 Performance pushes across the grid we should just see performance improvements. There will be not need to re-rez all the scripts in a region to convert them. The conversion will be, hopefully, invisible. Things should just magically get better.

For most of us this upgrade will have little impact or require any effort. On the other hand, there are always surprises. Some scripts are likely to fail. It is impossible to know what strange things people have programmed into their scripts.


Unfortunately we don't have an honest answer for you at the moment. Linden Labs has been very tight with any information provided to us and any preparations we have done were because of word of mouth.

I will be honest and say I do not expect any problems with the Stasis HUD's operation however I also cant say a new bug may develop or a new script error will surface. However I have decided to hold off any further updates until after the new scripting engine is in place and STABLE. This will allow me to be ready for any problems that may arise with the change in scripting code and will allow me to determine the usability of the code and whether it will affect Stasis.

What I can tell you is that with this new Scripting engine roll out will bring a huge enhancement to Sim and Script performance. When the process is complete we will be right there testing the Stasis HUD along side many other creators in Second Life and making any changes to restore operation or fix any new bugs. In fact , I have ordered a second coffee maker just for that occasion so that your experience with the Stasis HUD never waivers and your confident in the level of Commitment I am willing to provide you with so that you have the best product you can have.

I will keep you all informed as I learn more. As well please feel free to follow My Development Blog at the below address to keep up to date on What's happening with Stasis HUD And Mono 2.

Xeph Brunsen
Stasis HUD Developer

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Progress Report - Stasis HUD V1.5

Progress Report - Stasis HUD V1.5

I wanted to take a quick moment and let everyone know how the development of the new Stasis HUD features are proceeding. Most of the features that were planned are in there final stages of testing and will be introduced to all user's once the update is complete. There are a few features that we are still the development and design phase and while we are hoping will be comepleted in time, may or may not be included in Version 1.5 and will be introduced shortly thereafter.

  • Stasis HUD Dance Menu: We are very excited to let everyone know that we have completed the implementation of one of the most exciting features of Version 1.5 into the Stasis HUD. The Stasis HUD Dance Menu will combine some of the most powerful and exciting features of the more popular Dance Huddles/Chimeras and combine them into the feature rich Stasis HUD interface. Some of the options of the Stasis HUD Dance Menu Include:
    • Customizable Dance sets that will allow users to load specific sets of dances and animations. An example would be configuring Dance Sets to match certain dances style , ie: Club, Ballroom, Rave ect. User's will then be able to load that specific dance set and use only those animations that match your choice or style preference.
    • Invite others to dance with you individually or Invite up to 20 surrounding avatars to dance with you
    • Remove avatar's dancing with you individually or everyone at once
    • Unlimited Dance and animation support to allow for a great amount of customization to your dance sets.
    • Customize your dancing with configurable Sequential, Random and Time Settings.                      
  • Stasis Main Menu Optimizations: The new menu has been completed and will allow for better expansion due to new features and options that will be introduced in future updates. As well we have re-written many scripts within the HUD which has allowed us to remove 11 communication scripts from the Stasis HUD. All operations remain the same and the changes not only help us to improve the total memory usage of the HUD but assists in decreasing the already minimal impact the HUD has on the Simulator.
  • Quick Access Tab: We are in the last stage of development for a new feature that we are calling the "Quick Access Tab". This button will take the place of the Stasis AO button that is now currently displayed under the Main display of the Stasis HUD. This feature will allow the user to decide which Quick Access Tab they want displayed at any given time. Some of the options will include displaying the Stasis AO, Dance Menu, Pose Anywhere or Landmark buttons. User's can change which button is displayed as often as they wish to allow quicker access to current features and provide those that do not use the Stasis AO the added ability to customize there Quick Access Tab.
Keep in mind these are just a few of the new features and improvements coming in Version 1.5. Once we have completed the final stage of testing for this next update we will begin making arrangements to roll out the update and make it live for all users. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress as always and will post a final list of the new features and improvements once final testing has been completed and any last minute changes made.

Xeph Brunsen
Stasis HUD Developer

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's In The Works For Stasis HUD v1.5 ???

Now that Version 1.4 has been released and has received many welcome compliments we are now transitioning into development for the next update. We are considering this next update to be quite major as it will include a complete re-work of some of the Stasis HUD's Framework.

Version 1.5 Preliminary Update Notes:

- Menu System Overhauled To Allow Continuous Support Of New Features

- New "Gadgets" Menu Option which will provide users with multiple tools and gadgets for your use
   -- Some Of The Gadgets Included Will Be The Following " Sky Writer , Stasis Spanker , Vehicles "

- Multiple Language Support Fully Integrated

- Stasis HUD Dance Huddle Feature Preliminary Integration

- Host / Hostess Features Developed and Integrated

- Avatar Tracker Feature Integrated
  -- This feature will allow users to list Avatar Names in a note card and will notify them when they come    online or go offline. It's main use to monitoring of specific avatars that are not on the user's friends list.

The list above is considered preliminary as some options may either be added or removed depending on the specific scenario regarding it. Ie whether or not it is considered ready for release or still needs additional testing. As well , How we do not have a release date set as of yet for this update we will give you that information as soon as possible.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stasis HUD In The News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stasis HUD has surely been making its way around the Grid since release. We now have well over 100 Active user's and have received so very many positive compliments about how it is helping everyone.

Below are some of the posting that have been shown to me made by some of the most popular Blogs in Second Life and One of SL's Top Lifestyle Magazines.


So Hawt SL

Icon LifeStyle Magazine

Below is the SLURL location where you can pick up a copy and check out the "The List" Section about todays Must have Gadgets where they list Stasis HUD.